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Natural sports turf construction


Complete service for construction of traditional natural sports turf surfaces

With the combined skills of fine turf construction, drainage, irrigation and finishing works, MJ Abbott offers a complete service for the construction of traditional natural sports turf surfaces.

We undertake a wide variety of projects from bowling greens, cricket and athletics to winter sports and racecourses, ranging from single pitch schemes to multi facility sports complexes.

Our skilled sports turf construction teams are expert in the integration of drainage and irrigation systems during the build, resulting in a seamless construction service for our customers.

Case Studies

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sports turf experience

Folkestone RFC, Kent

Construction of natural turf rugby pitches

Ford Lane Recreation Ground, Dorset

Reconstruction of natural sports pitch

Berkeley Homes, Broadacres Development, Southwater

Construction of football and cricket pitches

Llandarcy Academy of Sport, South Wales

Construction of new training pitches


Sports turf services

Hybrid turf pitch construction

MJ Abbott are experts in the construction of hybrid turf pitches, for training ground and stadium pitch projects for both football and rugby.

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Stitched hybrid pitch systems

MJ Abbott is proud to have been involved with the SISGrass hybrid pitch system from its inception.

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Hybrid mat pitch systems

Hybrid mat systems offer an alternative to stitched hybrid systems. MJ Abbott offers the HERO hybrid grass and ECLIPSE stabilised turf systems in conjunction with County Turf.

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Renovation of hybrid turf pitches

We offer end of season renovation of hybrid turf pitches through Premier Pitches, who have been part of the MJ Abbott group of companies since 2022.

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Artificial sports surfaces

Whether as part of a larger scheme or as a stand-alone project, MJ Abbott offers all aspects of artificial pitch construction.

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Sports turf drainage and irrigation

MJ Abbott are experts in land drainage and irrigation for all sports turf applications.

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Undersoil heating systems

MJ Abbott are experts in undersoil heating for both stadium pitches and training grounds.

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Maintenance and renovation of pitches

Following the construction of natural turf and artificial pitches, we offer a service to bring the facility into play and for on-going maintenance.

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