Mole plough and gravel cart under trees
Mole plough and gravel cart under trees
Mole plough and gravel cart under trees
Mole plough and gravel cart working
Concrete water trough

Boyton Farms, Wiltshire

Installation of new private water supply system

The existing steel and cast iron water pipes that transport the mains water to the Sherrington Dairy at Boyton Farms were old and had developed a multitude of leaks. The network also feeds arterial lines off to water troughs around the downs which also leaked, and as a result starved the water supply to the dairy, where it was needed most. 

MJ Abbott redesigned the water supply network, taking account of the pipework routes and specifying the correct pipe sizes to minimise pressure loss. The pipes were laid by heavy duty winch drawn non-tension mole plough.

The project scope of works comprised:

  • Installation of 2,575 metres of 63mm MDPE water pipe
  • Installation of air valves and hydrant points
  • Impact moling under 2 no public highways using soil displacement hammers
  • Installation of 3,290 metres of 32mm MDPE water pipe
  • Placement of 250 tonnes of 6mm granular backfill by gravel cart
  • Installation of new water troughs and connections to existing troughs
  • Installation of automatic release valves.

Following pressure testing and chlorination of the system the pipework was commissioned and put to immediate use, providing the dairy with a reliable water supply at a satisfactory pressure once again.

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