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Irrigation system installation


Impeccable reinstatement following installation

MJ Abbott’s impeccable reinstatement sets our irrigation installation teams apart from our competitors. On countless occasions a golf club committee member has asked our project manager when we are installing the irrigation around a green, only to be told it has already been completed and the reinstated mole line is almost invisible.

Irrigation installation is carried out by our experienced teams using our unrivalled fleet of specialist machinery. Irrigation mainlines and lateral horseshoes around golf greens and tees are generally installed using vibrating mole ploughs of various sizes, depending on the pipe diameter.

Installation to existing golf courses is generally carried out over the quieter winter months, and we are usually able to work on one or two holes at a time, enabling the golf course to remain open for play.

Irrigation installation on construction projects (golf, sports turf, or landscape) is coordinated with other operations to ensure smooth running of the project.

Case Studies

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irrigation experience

Royal Liverpool Golf Club, Hoylake

Installation of new Rain Bird irrigation system

Nottingham Forest Football Club, The City Ground Stadium

Construction of SISGrass stitched hybrid turf stadium pitch

ABMC Cambridge American Cemetery

Installation of new Toro irrigation system, incorporating fertigation

Vidauban Golf Club, France

Golf course reconstruction, drainage and irrigation

The Crown Estate, Windsor

Installation of new irrigation system to The Valley Gardens

Royal Portrush Golf Club, Northern Ireland

Installation of new Toro irrigation system


Irrigation services

Golf, sports turf and landscape irrigation

MJ Abbott is one of the UK’s leading irrigation installers, with a portfolio of hundreds of systems on golf courses, sports pitches and landscape sites across the country.

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Irrigation system design and specification

MJ Abbott take pride in providing the highest quality irrigation systems.

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Irrigation control systems

MJ Abbott are experts in irrigation control systems from the leading irrigation manufacturers.

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Pump stations

MJ Abbott are pump experts, with the facilities and expertise to build bespoke pump stations in-house.

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Water storage reservoirs

MJ Abbott are experts in the construction of reservoirs for irrigation water storage.

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System maintenance and service contracts

MJ Abbott offers a maintenance service to ensure the reliability and longevity of every system that we install.

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Aerators and water features

MJ Abbott work with industry partners to provide aerators and water features for both visual amenity and to improve irrigation water quality.

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