Tank drain pipe
Tank drain pipe
Tank drain pipe
Existing tower
Erection of steel tower
Tower platform
Fixing down new tower
Inlet pipework
Tower and tank post construction
Tower and tank -  post construction

Conholt Park, Hampshire

Replacement of water tower

As part of the overall upgrade programme for the water supply work for our client UBMC UK Estates at Conholt Park, the second phase of works was to replace the 100 year old water storage tank which stood on a 7m elevated tower. The old tank was a single piece tank with a capacity of circa 24,000 litres, with a poorly fitted roof structure. Over the years, insects had managed to gain access under the roof sections and into the water tank, so to remove any possible bacterial contamination and to safeguard the future of the water supply, the existing tank and tower structure required replacement. A new storage tank was installed along with a new galvanised steel tower complete with anti fall safety ladders and platforms. All planning applications and drawings were undertaken by the MJ Abbott. The tower and tank were supplied by Braithwaite Engineers of Newport, South Wales.

The works comprised:

  • New reinforced concrete pad
  • New galvanised steel 7m high tower structure
  • New 20,000 litre sectional water storage tank
  • Bespoke scaffold erection for construction works
  • Raised inlet chambers for borehole (and potential mains back up)
  • Keraflo delayed action ceramic float valve
  • New inlet pipe work connecting to existing system, with lagging for frost protection
  • Chlorination & wet test
  • New outlet pipe work with lagging for frost protection.

On completion the galvanised tower structure was painted green by the estate staff to help it blend in to the natural environment.

To read about the first phase of works at Conholt Park, the upgrading of the water supply, follow this link.

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