Winch drawn mole plough and gravel cart
Winch drawn mole plough and gravel cart
Winch drawn mole plough and gravel cart
Post mole ploughing
Trenching in water pipe
Borehole headplate
Pressure reduction valve and bypass
Water meter chamber
Domestic property fed off supply
Other domestic properties fed off supply

Conholt Park, Hampshire

Installation of replacement water supply to estate

MJ Abbott Limited was contacted direct by the client after carrying out water supply works on the estate for many years. The existing gravity water supply network from the existing water storage tower was suffering heavily with leaks. Combined with the minimum height difference between the tower and the furthest properties, the limited head pressure was lost further by the leaks. It was therefore proposed that the water supply would be analysed with a view to replacing the old galvanised steel pipelines.

MJ Abbott designed a water supply network based on a gravity supply from the water tower and replaced the pipework using the heavy duty non-tension winch drawn mole plough and open trench method. Where track and road crossings were necessary, we used the impact mole (soil displacement hammer) to tunnel under the road to avoid open cut, saving time and installation costs.

The scope of works comprised:

  • Installation of 1,390m of 63mm MDPE blue water pipe
  • Installation of 400 of 32mm MDPE blue water pipe
  • Granular backfill and marker tape
  • Compression coupler jointing
  • Pressure testing & chlorination
  • 2 no private track crossings by impact mole
  • 1 no public highway crossing by impact mole.

Once the installation was complete, a noticeable pressure and flow increase was noted at all of the properties connected to the water tower.

Phase Two of the water supply work commenced immediately afterwards, with the elevated water tower being replaced. To read more about this project, follow this link.

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