Water meter and isolation valve
Water meter and isolation valve
Water meter and isolation valve
New pumphouse and access
Borehole headworks incorporating EBCO sample tap
Pressure switch & gauge
Pressure vessel and electrical distribution
Pump control panel
Woltex water meter and isolation valve

Catmore Farm, Oxfordshire

Installation of new private water supply system

Catmore Farm, owned by The Hendred Estate, contacted MJ Abbott Limited to investigate the existing water supply system at the farm. The existing installation was supplied by an old borehole pump which pumped water to an old estate reservoir which was in poor condition. The distribution pipework was leaking severely and the supply was open to bacterial contamination.

MJ Abbott redesigned the system to incorporate a larger borehole pump, bypassing and de-commissioning the existing reservoir and operating the system as a constant pressure system. A pressure vessel was installed to reduce pump starts at low demand, and the majority of the pipework was replaced to eliminate the leaks. Planning permission was obtained and a new timber pumphouse was erected to house the new pressure vessel and the new electrical pump control gear.

The project scope of works comprised:

  • Erection of new 2.5m x 2.5m timber pumphouse and construction of access track from road
  • New pumphouse electrical installation
  • Installation of new borehole pump control panel  with Grundfos CU3 pump protection unit and GSM text alert to notify the Farm Manager of system malfunctions
  • New Grundfos SP8A-37 borehole pump, rising main and cable
  • Grundfos 450 litre pressure vessel and associated plumbing
  • Replacement 50mm MDPE water main to Wickslett
  • Installation of pressure reduction valves
  • Testing, chlorination and commissioning.

Following commissioning, the daily abstraction rate from the borehole was immediately reduced because the leaks had been removed from the system, and the pressure was reinstated to all the properties which were previously being starved of water.

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