NFL team Jacksonville Jaguars training on pitch
NFL team Jacksonville Jaguars training on pitch
NFL team Jacksonville Jaguars training on pitch
Removing existing pitch surface with Koro fraise mower
Sand slits installed
Rootzone ready for turf
Turfing in progress
Close up of Eclipse reinforced turf
Laying turf
Watering newly laid turf
Channel drain along edge of pitch
Parking and marquee area
Pitch marked out ready for NFL training session

The Grove, Hertfordshire

Construction of Eclipse hybrid turf sports pitch

Having constructed the original soil-based football pitch at The Grove in 2003, MJ Abbott were pleased to return in summer 2014 to re-construct the pitch to a higher specification to cope with the demands of increased use by various professional sports teams staying and training at The Grove, including American Football teams from the NFL every autumn prior to the annual NFL fixtures at Wembley Stadium.

The upgraded pitch was designed by Charles Henderson of Professional Sportsturf Design (PSD). The existing formation was stripped and improved with additional primary piped drainage, secondary drainage sand slits, and a layer of imported rootzone before the purpose-grown Eclipse reinforced natural turf system by County Turf was harvested from the turf farm in Scunthorpe and laid at The Grove.

Exclusively grown by County Turf in the UK and for Europe under licence from the Motz Group, Eclipse hybrid turf is a patented combination of natural grass growing in a unique stabilizing mat. This combination produces a natural turf solution that delivers the manageability, playability and flexibility demanded by today’s world-class sporting venues.

The hybrid turf combines natural and synthetic fibres tufted into an open-weave backing, top dressed with specified sand. The reinforcement of the artificial grass guarantees stability and an even playing surface immediately after installation.

The pitch was also increased in size during the works and an additional training grid area was added at one end of the pitch.

The existing irrigation system was extended to cover the additional areas.

The scope of the works included:

  • Stripping and removing the existing surface using a Koro fraise mower
  • Re-grading and extending the existing subsoil formation
  • Installation of enhanced primary piped drainage at 5 metre centres
  • Installation of increased capacity soakaway utilising the Funke D-Raintank® cellular crate system
  • Secondary drainage sand slits at 1 metre centres
  • 50mm layer of imported rootzone
  • Extension of the existing irrigation system
  • Eclipse 40mm thick reinforced natural turf system to pitch and training grids, installed by County Turf
  • Installation of Ulma surface drainage channel along one edge of the pitch
  • Re-grading and turfing of all surrounding turf areas.

The pitch was ready for use shortly after turfing, which is one of the major advantages of the Eclipse hybrid turf system.

Eclipse hybrid turf by County Turf:

The Grove:

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