New sand layer import
New sand layer import
New sand layer import
Koro off vegetation
Removal of existing pitch
Sand spreading
Rootzone spreading
Construction of retaining wall and pitch extension
SISGrass stitching
SISGrass stitching
Pitch marked for training session

Southampton Football Club, Staplewood Campus

Construction of SISGrass hybrid turf pitch at Staplewood Training Campus

MJ Abbott successfully tendered the project to reconstruct Pitch 2 from a fibre surface to hybrid. PSD were employed to oversee construction, materials specification approval and performance testing.

The scope of works comprised:

  • Excavate 150mm depth from existing pitch area of 11,700m²
  • Fibre material was stripped separately and transported to a local club for re-use
  • Grade retained lower sand profile to re-establish pitch levels
  • Import and spread 50mm depth of compatible sand and 100mm depth of approved rootzone
  • Pitch extension construction, comprising irrigation, drainage, gravel raft, lower and upper rootzone
  • Installation of amendments, preparation of surface and seeding
  • Installation of SISGrass hybrid pitch reinforcement system
  • Overseeding surface following stitching
  • Construction of concrete retaining wall and installation of gates

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