Royal Winchester Golf Club
Royal Winchester Golf Club
Royal Winchester Golf Club
17th Green prior to drainage works, following 15mm of rain the previous night
Trench excavation with laser guided chain trencher discharging into trailer, machines working from boards
Trench installation, sweeping debris from boards onto chain which is removed from area into trailer
Drainage installation
Gravel placement into trench following pipe laying
17th Green after drainage installation, following 20mm of rain the previous night

Royal Winchester Golf Club, Hampshire

Drainage to five problem greens

MJ Abbott were asked to look at the drainage to five problem greens at Royal Winchester Golf Club in August 2013, with a view to installing new drainage to three greens in the Autumn of 2013, with the remaining two greens to follow in Autumn 2014.

Our proposals were for 80mm diameter primary piped drainage at 3m centres to the green surfaces, together with a 100mm diameter main/cut-off drain to the entire perimeter of each green, outfalling into new soakaways. The five greens all suffered from a large amount of run-off onto the greens surfaces from surrounding areas, so the proposed cut-off drain was intended to minimise the amount of water entering the green from the surrounds.

Works started in October 2013 to the 1st, 17th and 18th Greens, leaving the 2nd and 16th Greens to follow in Autumn 2014.

The turf was stripped and set to the side for re-use on the drain lines, prior to the trenches being cut with a laser guided chain trencher. The trencher conveys the soil into a tipping trailer towed behind a compact tractor.

All plant and machinery used was fitted with low ground pressure equipment and operated on protective boards at all times when on the surface of the green.

The pipes were hand laid prior to 2/6mm washed gravel being laid through a chute in the back of a modified tipping trailer. Following gravel placement, a medium/course sand/compost rootzone was placed and consolidated prior to topping up until sufficiently heeled into the trench to minimise settlement to the trench lines.

The trenches were then raked prior to the existing greens turf being re-laid to the trench lines and brushed and tidied on completion.

The greens were brought back into play and the Club noticed an immediate improvement to the drainage of the greens surfaces. The decision was made to bring forward Phase 2 and continue with the remaining two greens immediately following completion of the first three greens.

The greens were all brought back into play immediately following the drainage installation works, and all greens remained in use without the need for temporaries due to rain during the entire winter of 2013/2014.

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