Accommodation units at McMullen Barracks
Accommodation units at McMullen Barracks
Accommodation units at McMullen Barracks

Raymond Brown Construction, Hampshire

Installation of sewer pipework at McMullen Barracks

Raymond Brown Construction were main contractors in the construction of new accommodation units at the McMullen Barracks site in Marchwood near Southampton.

The proposed site for the new units was immediately over an existing 6” cast iron sewer pumping main which required to be diverted around the site to allow the foundations to be laid. MJ Abbott was successful in tendering for the works to divert the pumping main, replacing it with a new 180mm HPPE pipe.

The scope of works comprised:

  • Identification and safeguarding of multiple utilities across the site
  • Reduced dig over site
  • Installation of 60m of 180mm HPPE SDR17 (10 bar) pumping main
  • Connection to existing cast iron pumping main using Viking Johnson flanged couplers and thrust blocks
  • Air pressure testing of the new pipework to prove integrity
  • Backfilling and reinstatement of excavations
  • Full system drain down and re-commissioning.

On completion of the sewer diversion works, Raymond Brown was able to commence construction of the accommodation units.

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