Installing lateral drains
Installing lateral drains
Installing lateral drains
Installing carrier drain using excavator
Outfall headwall

Private Client, Dorset

Installation of extensive land drainage system to agricultural land

The client required land drainage because he had large water logged areas around his farm, in areas needed for cultivation. MJ Abbott designed and installed a comprehensive land drainage system to help combat this problem.

The scope of works comprised:

  • Marking out of carrier and lateral drains using GPS surveying equipment for maximum accuracy
  • Excavation of drainage trenches using a Dynapac 1800 Chain Trencher complete with laser control, pipe chute and gravel hopper
  • Installation of 600 linear metres of 300mm twinwall, 400 linear metres of 225mm twinwall and 1,500 linear metres of 150mm twinwall pipe as carrier drains
  • Installation of 1,300 linear metres of 100mm perforated main drains
  • Installation of 11,000 linear metres of 80mm perforated lateral drains
  • Backfilling of all trenches with porous fill to within 100mm of the surface
  • Final backfilling using selected as-dug materials
  • Installation of outfall headwalls to boundary drainage ditches, which were cleaned out and re-graded as necessary.

The client was subsequently able to use all previously affected areas of his farm, to maximise on his crop yield.

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