Long pond area following re-turfing works
Long pond area following re-turfing works
Long pond area following re-turfing works
Existing lawn areas
Existing soil being removed, sub base graded and new rootzone placed to formation
Central area of main lawn prepared and ready for turfing

Private Client, Cheshire

Lawn renovation to stately home

MJ Abbott were approached by an industry acquaintance to assist with renovation works to existing private lawn areas in the grounds of a large stately home in Cheshire.

The existing lawns featured poorly structured soil, with a mixture of grasses and a very unsightly drainage system which would drought out in summer months and create a myriad of lines throughout the formal lawn areas.

The lawns consisted of a lower section around a long, formal pond, and a raised area which could only be accessed through narrow gates wide enough for a compact tractor.

The bulk of the materials removed and imported to the raised lawn area were moved using forward tipping dumpers loading a conveyor which moved the material between the two garden levels.

The works included the removal of the existing grass cover and underlying topsoil to a depth of 100mm below the finished levels to the lawn areas.

Existing drain lines had the existing very free-draining sand profile removed and replaced with a 50/50 sand/compost mix to a depth of 200mm to minimise the likelihood of drainage lines appearing in summer months.

The formation was then graded prior to a 50/50 sand/compost rootzone being placed to the lawn areas. Once the rootzone was placed, the surface was prepared to a hand raked finish prior to being turfed with Tillers Arena Bar Gold turf.

The works were completed on time and to the approval of the main contractor and their client.

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