Hackney Marshes from the air
Hackney Marshes from the air
Hackney Marshes from the air
Hackney Marshes

Hackney Marshes, East London

Drainage improvements to pitches at Hackney Marshes

MJ Abbott was awarded the contract to install primary and secondary drainage within 12 no football and 3 no rugby pitches at the intensively used Hackney Marshes in East London, which is known as the spiritual home of Sunday league football with over 70 matches played every week.

The client was the London Borough of Hackney and the drainage work was carried out in accordance with the specification prepared by Noel MacKenzie of Sports Turf Consulting.

The scope of work comprised:

  • Site clearance including removal of 60 no goal post sockets
  • Fraise mow and scarify 12 no football pitches
  • Koro off vegetation from 3 no rugby pitches
  • Carry out 10,000m² of localised surface depression correction by importing and placing topsoil as necessary
  • Installation of 1,000 linear metres of 160mm diameter and 11,000 linear metres of 80mm diameter perforated primary drainage within sports pitch areas, outfalling to 8 no soakaways
  • Installation of 55,000 linear metres of 350mm deep rootzone slits at 90º to the new lateral drains
  • Installation of new goal sockets
  • White lining to mark out pitches
  • Prepare surface, spread fertiliser and seed
  • Carry out 12 month maintenance programme.


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