Construction of drainage swales
Construction of drainage swales
Construction of drainage swales
Cut and fill earthworks
Grading pitch ready for seeding
Drainage swales following first grass cut
First grass cut during establishment

Hylands School, Essex

Construction of new sports pitch

MJ Abbott successfully tendered and started the sports pitch reconstruction project in August 2011.

The scope of work included the re-levelling of an existing undulating area to be used for football and summer athletics. The total area of work was 13,000m².

The following scope of works was carried out in accordance with the specification produced by agronomist and sports turf consultant, Gordon Jaaback:

  • Vegetation stripped from topsoil using a Koro Top Maker.
  • Topsoil stripped clean and to full depth, and stored in a temporary weathered heap to protect the integrity of the topsoil.
  • The pitch was cut and filled with a total of 4,300m³ of subsoil. The pitch was shaped with a camber to assist with surface water run off. The water is collected by a shallow swale system discharging into a new soakaway and then permeates into the underlying gravel strata.
  • The topsoil was re-spread at 200mm depth, cultivated and seeded.
  • 12 months maintenance programme including grass cutting, fertilising, overseeding and rolling.

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