16th Green before and after new drainage installed
16th Green before and after new drainage installed
16th Green before and after new drainage installed
16th Green prior to drainage installation (February 2014)
Drainage installation to 16th Green with laser guided chain trencher working from boards
Trench installation with spoil discharged to tipping trailer
16th Green following re-turfing works by the Club
16th Green in January 2015, following drainage works in Autumn 2014

Halesowen Golf Club, West Midlands

Primary piped drainage to 16th Green

MJ Abbott were asked to look at the greens drainage to a number of wet greens at Halesowen Golf Club in February 2014.

The greens were extremely wet, and following a number of revised proposals MJ Abbott were appointed to carry out drainage works to the 16th Green in September 2014.

The existing greens turf was in such a poor state due to being saturated for most of the winter that the re-turfing item was removed from our works to allow the Club flexibility in finding a solution to re-turf the drain lines from other greens on site or importing new turf if required.

The turf was stripped and stored for possible re-use by the Club prior to installing 80mm diameter primary piped drainage intensively at 2m centres to the green surface.

All plant and machinery used was fitted with low ground pressure equipment and operated on protective boards at all times when on the surface of the green.

The drainage works were extremely effective.

Tim Dorrell, Course Manager of Halesowen Golf Club, commented: "Everyone at the Club is extremely pleased with the results of the drainage work to the 16th Green. It is currently the third best green on our course with respect to firmness and dryness, and the first and second on that list are both greens that have been reconstructed. We have only lost a couple of days play on it so far this winter due to wetness, even after heavy rain any puddles soon clear and the green is soon back in play. The early views are one of great success and plans are being discussed to have similar work done on half a dozen other greens over the next few years."


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