Deep drainage being installed through area of running sand
Deep drainage being installed through area of running sand
Deep drainage being installed through area of running sand
Running sand was encountered beneath a large section of the site
CAT D6 during initial earthworks
CAT D6 nearing completion of cut and fill earthworks
Formation beginning to take shape, whilst being hampered by testing weather and ground conditions
Shallow cultivation of topsoil following drainage installation
Pitch following initial 3 cuts, on target to be ready for use by September 2013

Fernhurst Recreation Ground Trust, Surrey

Construction of football pitch

MJ Abbott were successful with their tender for the construction of a new football pitch in April 2012, and works started in May 2012. The scope of work included the re-levelling of an existing undulating area and improvement of a large area of surrounds resulting from the unsympathetic use of spoil from a previous project on the site. The total working area encompassed some 13,000m², and improvements to the drainage of the site were essential.

The project comprised the following scope of works carried out in accordance with the specification produced by the Fernhurst Recreation Ground Trust:

  • Stripping of vegetation from the topsoil using a Koro Field Top Maker
  • Stripping of clean topsoil to full depth
  • Cut and fill of subsoil to required levels
  • Replacement of topsoil to consolidated depth of 150mm
  • Installation of main and cut-off drainage to lower property previously affected by surface run-off from the proposed site of the new pitch
  • Installation of lateral drainage at 5.0 metre centres across the plateau, linking in to main drainage
  • Koro and drainage arisings utilised to create spectator mounding to the side of the pitch
  • Topsoil preparation
  • Surface dressing with 160 tonnes of sand and light amelioration into the surface of the pitch
  • Seeding the finished pitch.

The pitch was maintained initially by MJ Abbott including the first 4 cuts, a light roll, fertiliser applications and aeration. Secondary drainage will be installed in Spring 2013 together with a further top dressing, overseed and fertiliser application to ensure the pitch is in optimum condition for bringing into play in September 2013.

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