Excavation in progress
Excavation in progress
Excavation in progress
Trench support and dewatering pumps
Installing the concrete surround
Plant installed, ready to remove trench support system
Installing the sewer drains to the plant
Trenching works in progress
Sewer drain pipes completed and re-turfed
Completed installation, ready for seeding

Codford Village Hall, Wiltshire

Installation of sewage treatment plant

MJ Abbott Limited were contacted by the Committee of Codford Village Hall to find a solution to an existing shared sewage treatment plant.

With sewage treatment plants often oversized for irregularly used sites, a 12 pop sewage treatment plant was selected based on the usage of the hall.

Difficult ground conditions were encountered with a very high water table and unstable ground conditions. Hydraulic trench support equipment was employed along with 4” pumps to keep the groundwater down long enough to allow the installation to take place. A pumped outlet was added for positive discharge of the final treated effluent.

The scope of works comprised:

  • Design and scoping of the project
  • Excavation of the site, using dewatering pumps to control groundwater
  • Installation of hydraulic trench support system to prevent collapse of the excavation in unstable ground conditions
  • Installation of 12 pop sewage treatment plant
  • Installation of 110mm uPVC pipes to connect to the plant, together with inspection chambers
  • Installation of pumped outlet for positive discharge of the treated effluent
  • Backfilling the installation and tidying the site on completion.

The Village Hall Committee were very impressed with the efficiency and tidiness of the installation.

MJ Abbott have put a maintenance regime in place to ensure the longevity of the system with the minimum of intervention.


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