Stripping vegetation with Koro fraise mower
Stripping vegetation with Koro fraise mower
Stripping vegetation with Koro fraise mower
Completed match pitch
Stripping topsoil from match pitch
Primary drainage installation on match pitch
Installation of lower sand layer on match pitch
Grading upper rootzone on match pitch
Final cultivations prior to seeding match pitch
Grade rolling training pitches
Training pitches following seeding
Seeded match pitch technical area
Established training pitches
SISGrass installation into established match pitch
SISGrass installation

Chelsea Football Club, Cobham Training Ground

Construction of SISGrass hybrid turf pitch

The project carried out by MJ Abbott involved the construction of one hybrid turf pitch using the SISGrass reinforcement system, re-levelling and seeding a 6ha area of training pitches, levelling and draining of the technical area, and installation of ball stop fencing.

The scope of works comprised:

Academy Pitch 1 ("Match Pitch")

  • Removal of vegetation using Koro fraise mower
  • Cut and fill earthworks to establish designed levels
  • Installation of primary drainage system
  • Irrigation system provided by club's contractor
  • Installation of geotextile membrane
  • Import and spread gravel carpet and lower sand layer
  • Import and spread upper rootzone layer
  • Final cultivation and seeding
  • Installation of SISGrass hybrid pitch reinforcement system
  • General landscaping

Training Pitches - 6ha area

  • Removal of vegetation using Koro fraise mower
  • Rotovate within topsoil depth and carry out minor re-grading to improve surface levels
  • Final cultivation and seeding
  • General landscaping

Other Works

  • Installation of ball stop netting to First Team area
  • Installation of 600mm diameter culvert to infill existing ditch
  • Carry out landscaping including flood attenuation bund construction
  • Re-grading within existing topsoil depth, installation of primary and secondary drainage, topdressing, cultivation and seeding to create Match Pitch Technical Area.

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