Chelmsford Golf Club
Chelmsford Golf Club
Chelmsford Golf Club
Primary drainage installation using chain trencher: approach drains seeded, greens drainage re-turfed
Primary drainage installation: turf re-laid on front of green with turf set to one side for re-use on next drain
3rd Green following primary drainage installation

Chelmsford Golf Club, Essex

Drainage to 3rd Green

MJ Abbott were invited to suggest some proposals to improve the drainage to the 3rd green and approach at Chelmsford Golf Club.

The green is extremely shaded and built on very heavy clay soils, with a steep slope from front to back, and low mound work to the back and sides of the green surface which impounded water flowing onto the green.

The existing turf was stripped and stored for re-use following installation of the primary piped drainage to the surface of the green. Turf was not stripped over the drain lines on the approach drainage as these were to be seeded on completion to keep the free draining rootzone open to the surface.

80mm diameter primary piped drainage was installed at 3m centres to the green's surface. 2/6mm washed gravel was installed to within 300mm of the green's surface followed by a 300mm consolidated layer of medium/course rootzone, placed to tie in with the surrounding levels.

The drain lines were then carefully prepared and hand raked prior to the existing greens turf being carefully re-laid to tie in to the surrounding turf.

All plant and machinery used was fitted with low ground pressure equipment and operated on protective boards all times when on the surface of the green.

The drainage performance of the green improved dramatically over its first winter, and MJ Abbott has subsequently looked at additional phases of work to other greens at the Club.

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