Completed reservoir with aeration
Completed reservoir with aeration
Completed reservoir with aeration
Stripping topsoil
Subsoil cut and fill
Subsoil cut and fill earthworks
Reservoir prior to liner installation
Geotextile underlay being installed
Reservoir following liner installation
Topsoil being replaced around top and sides of reservoir
Burnham Beeches Golf Club clubhouse

Burnham Beeches Golf Club, Buckinghamshire

Water storage reservoir and rainwater harvesting

Burnham Beeches Golf Club was looking for a solution for its irrigation water storage needs. MJ Abbott proposed the construction of an irrigation water storage reservoir, with associated rainwater harvesting from the clubhouse roof and car park runoff to supplement the water supply. We secured the work following submission of a quotation and negotiation direct with the client.

MJ Abbott designed and constructed a 3.7 million gallon capacity irrigation water storage reservoir. The scope of works comprised:

  • 11,500m² topsoil strip and replace
  • 14,000m³ subsoil cut and fill earthworks
  • Installation of geotextile underlay and a 1.2mm thick liner complete with key trench
  • Installation of an aeration system
  • Extension of pipework from existing borehole and installation of new level control systems
  • Preparation and seeding of all topsoiled areas.

We also installed a rainwater harvesting solution to collect water from the clubhouse roof and car park, comprising: 

  • Installation of Aco drains and 160mm diameter carrier drains with connections into existing storm and Aco drains
  • Installation of petrol/oil interceptor on car park drainage outfall, with discharge into the reservoir.

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