Grundfos DME digital dosing pump
Grundfos DME digital dosing pump
Grundfos DME digital dosing pump

Bossington Estate, Stockbridge, Hampshire

Installation of water treatment systems

Following water sample failures for bacterial content, MJ Abbott Limited were contacted by Bossington Estate to design and install a suitable automatic chlorination plant which would inject sodium hypochlorite (chlorine) into the water supply system to remove all bacterial contamination.

Since the site was abstracting water from the chalk strata, the water was very hard and so a small water softener was installed to use for diluting the chlorine in a dosing tank to ensure the narrow suction and injection pipes did not clog up with calcium deposits, which would require weekly cleaning.

The project comprised:

  • Installation of a new Grundfos DME digital dosing pump
  • Installation of a 200 litre dosing tank and containment bund
  • Installation of Euraqua Trojan cabinet water softener
  • Installation of a new pump control panel for automatic switching of the dosing pump
  • Trenching works to install injection lines to the borehole wellhead
  • Plumbing works to install the inflow to the water softener and to provide a bib tap to the dosing tank.

A “shock chlorination” of the system was carried out prior to commissioning the new plant to ensure that all bacteria were removed, leaving the small residual chlorine level injected by the dosing pump to deal with the newly abstracted water.

Fortnightly visits to the plant are all that are now required to top up the softener with salt and to refill the dosing tank with soft water and chlorine.

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