2009 Maize Maze
2009 Maize Maze
2009 Maize Maze

Ansty PYO Maize Maze, Wiltshire

Innovative use of surveying equipment

In his spare time (!) MJ Abbott Contracts Manager, Jim Price, helps his wife and her family run the Ansty PYO and Farm Shop. Each year they plant a Maize Maze for the entertainment of children and adults alike in the local area.

They used to use manual techniques to set out the maze after initial establishment of the maize crop, however since 2008 Jim has used MJ Abbott's Trimble Total Station and GPS handheld device to set out the maze, which he calculates saves them 5 days labour over the manual method of setting out.

Key features of the Ansty PYO Maize Maze:

  • 5-8 acre maze site
  • There are between 3 and 5 miles of pathways
  • The maize crop is double drilled at 90 degrees to increase the density of the crop
  • Once the maize crop is established, the maze pathways are set out with the Total Station and GPS using spray paint
  • The pathways are then control sprayed with herbicide to create the maze.

This summer why not visit Ansty Maize Maze and take up the challenge!


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