The Puriton® pipe and fittings range
The Puriton® pipe and fittings range
The Puriton® pipe and fittings range
Puriton® service pipe (25mm to 63mm) and mains pipe (90mm to 180mm)
Puriton® compression coupler for service pipe
Puriton® electrofusion coupler for mains pipe
Puriton® compression tee for service pipe
Puriton® mains pipe electrofusion jointing overview

Puriton® barrier pipe and fittings system

Barrier pipe system for the safe distribution of potable water through contaminated land

The barrier pipe system of choice for your new or replacement drinking water supply, Puriton® from Radius Systems is a cutting edge solution for the safe distribution of drinking water through contaminated land.

Designed to provide a high level of protection against soil contaminants commonly found in brownfield sites, Puriton® is a multi-layer composite structure pipe, which combines the unique characteristics of polyethylene (PE) with the exceptional barrier properties of aluminium (Al).

Lightweight, flexible and corrosion resistant, the Puriton® system is easy to install, without the need to post-wrap the finished joints. The pipe can be joined using most industry standard installation techniques with the comprehensive range of electrofusion and mechanical fittings available from Radius Systems, which have been specifically developed to give you assurance of a safe and durable solution which provides protection to your drinking water through contaminated land.

Benefits of the Puriton® system:

  • Multi-layer pipe construction PE-Al-PE
  • Brown stripes denote a multi-layer pipe
  • Full barrier pipe system
  • Combines the flexibility of polyethylene with the barrier properties of aluminium
  • Safeguards drinking water quality
  • Easy to handle, flexible and lightweight
  • End load resistant system
  • Installation cost savings - no requirement for thrust blocks
  • No requirement to post-wrap the joints
  • Suitable for most common installation techniques
  • Suitable for new and replacement drinking water supply systems

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