Funke Internal Backdrop

Overcomes the height difference in the sewerage system

The Funke Internal Backdrop serves to overcome the height difference in the sewerage system and is available in sizes DN/OD 160, DN/OD 200 and DN/OD 250.  It provides optimal protection against corrosion and is suitable for use in precast concrete chambers.

The opening at the top of the Internal Backdrop enables inspection work and cleaning to be carried out without difficulty, and the chamber can still be accessed due to the small space requirement.

In comparison to a conventional external backdrop arrangement the working area and amount of excavation required is hugely reduced, therefore saving time and money.


  • Space-saving installation, so the chamber is still accessible
  • Less soil excavation
  • Can be used for both new and existing installations
  • Inspection and cleaning through the opening is possible
  • Internal assembly
  • Provides optimum protection from corrosion

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