HS® Demarcation Chamber (Telescopic Version)
HS® Demarcation Chamber (Telescopic Version)
HS® Demarcation Chamber (Telescopic Version)
Ideal for use in applications with limited access
Class D (40 Tonne) cast iron cover

HS® Demarcation Chamber

Allows water companies and local authorities easy access to drainage networks

The HS® Demarcation Chamber is designed to allow water companies quick and easy access into both public and private sewer networks.

The 7th Edition of the WRc Sewers for Adoption (SFA7) Document together with changes to the Water Industry Act 1991 (WIA1991) has seen the transfer to the water companies of responsibility for all existing private sewers and lateral drains that connect to the public sewer system.

All new sewers and lateral drains constructed by developers will now be subject to mandatory adoption by the Water Company through a WIA1991 Section 104 agreement.

SFA7 requires the installation of an approved lateral drain Demarcation Chamber within 1 metre of the property boundary (preferably in the driveway) on any new build property where the final connection to the public sewer is outside the property boundary. The purpose of the inspection chamber is to delineate the change of ownership between the public and private sewer.

The Demarcation Chamber will allow the condition of the pipework and house connection to be inspected at anytime without maintenance personnel requiring access onto private property.

The HS® Demarcation Chamber is suitable for inspecting, rodding and jetting and can be utilised to carry out air tests. The double 45º swept angle of the T Section base unit provides easy access for CCTV cameras in both directions.


The compact dimensions of the unit allow installation even in areas with many other utility services.

The HS® Demarcation Chamber has been approved by the Water Research Council (WRc) and Wessex Water.


  • Cast iron cover and frame available in classes A/B or D
  • The small dimensions of the chamber system enables an easy installation even in areas with crossing utility services
  • Allows quick and easy access into public and private sewer networks without entering private property
  • Easy adjustment to required installation depth due to quick cutting of the riser pipe and the adjustment option of the telescopic pipe

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