FABEKUN® Junction
FABEKUN® Junction
FABEKUN® Junction
Each Junction is packaged in a box as a set complete with seal/thread lubricant, two-part resin cartridge(s) and installation instructions
Junctions to suit a wide range of pipe diameters
Adjustable socket allows connection to bend from 0° to 13°
Injecting two-part resin to anchor the junction and protect any exposed steel reinforcement
FABEKUN® Junction Installation Instructions

FABEKUN® Junction

Sewer saddle for creating a permanent connection to concrete and clay pipes

The FABEKUN® Junction is a sewer saddle with an adjustable socket and can be used to create a permanent sealed lateral connection to concrete pipes, ferroconcrete pipes and vitrified clay pipes.

The integral adjustable socket allows the lateral pipe to be angled between 0º - 13º and also compensates for any ground settlement post installation.

Using the injected two-part resin, the junction is firmly anchored into the drilled hole in the pipe and any exposed reinforcement steel in the curvature of ferroconcrete pipes is protected so that no corrosion can occur. The resin allows the user to fully comply with the sealing requirements laid out in Part E 5.6 of Sewers for Adoption 7 (SfA7).

The FABEKUN® Junction system has been approved by the Water Research Council (WRC PT/358/1213) and the following UK Water Companies:

  • Anglian Water
  • Severn Trent Water
  • Thames Water
  • Yorkshire Water
  • Northumbrian Water
  • Southern Water
  • United Utilities
  • Welsh Water

Each junction is packaged in a box as a set complete with seal/thread lubricant, two-part resin cartridge(s) and installation instructions. Installation spanners and the resin cartridge dispenser are available separately.

The nominal diameter of the junction can range from DN/OD 160-200, and the nominal diameter of the main pipe can range from DN/OD 250-2400. The FABEKUN® junction can be used in sewer pipes, wastewater sewers, storm sewers and house connections.


  • Resistant to pH range of 2-10
  • Pipe bedding kept intact during installation
  • No disruption to sewer operation during installation
  • WRc approved (WRc PT/358/1213)
  • Recyclable due to construction from single material products

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