20 December 2011

Triple benefits flow from new drainage system

Land drainage specialists MJ Abbott have been installing new drainage at Torquay Golf Club in Devon.

Triple benefits flow from new drainage system

Primary drainage installation at Torquay Golf Club

Major drainage works carried out by specialist sports turf and water engineering contractor, MJ Abbott Limited, at Torquay Golf Club during October and November 2011 have delivered beneficial results on three separate fronts, according to club secretary, Colin Nolan.

“The most important aspect of the work is that seven previously poorly-draining fairways have been transformed by the new drainage system designed and specified in-house by MJ Abbott,” he said. “Instead of lying on top of our red Devon clay soils, rainwater is now draining away quickly from the surface with knock-on benefits for turf maintenance operations and playing conditions.”

Promoting positive downward movement of surface water involved the installation by MJ Abbott of 3,900 linear metres of main and lateral drainage pipes on all low-lying fairways on the 18-hole course.

Backfilled with 10mm gravel to within 150mm of the surface, the drainage trenches were finished off with a coarse rootzone material which was then consolidated to tie in to the adjacent ground levels before seeding.

“Both the standard of the work and the care taken by MJ Abbott throughout the entire drainage operation were exceptional,” commented Mr Nolan. “The firm owns some very big machinery which was kept off the turf when conditions were not suitable, ensuring there was no damage or disruption whatsoever to playing surfaces beyond the drainage lines.”

By creating new outfalls for the drainage water into existing ponds located around the course, MJ Abbott has also helped alleviate a water supply issue for the irrigation system serving Torquay Golf Club’s 18 greens.

“The ponds were designed originally as the main irrigation storage reservoirs,” pointed out Mr Nolan. “However, we have struggled in the past to keep them filled, especially during periods of hot, dry weather. Drainage water is now flowing freely into the ponds and it looks like irrigation water shortages are a thing of the past.”

The third benefit produced by the drainage works is the creation of eight new or extended winter tees utilising surplus soil excavated from the pipe line trenches. This has helped spread the load and reduce wear and tear on existing tees while also removing the need for unyielding rubber mats.

“Although it took a little time to put together the necessary budget, the results have more than vindicated the wait and the cost,” commented Colin Nolan. “It has long been felt that poor drainage has been holding back the golf course. Thanks to MJ Abbott’s very high standards, professionalism and care, members and visitors can look forward to playing a course that rewards good shots throughout the year and not just when the weather is dry.”

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