19 November 2012

Toro DT sprinklers clinch deal for windswept Royal Cromer

With its spectacular cliff-top course regularly subjected to strong coastal winds, it’s no wonder finding sprinklers that could cope in these challenging conditions became a deal-breaker for Royal Cromer Golf Club when choosing a new irrigation system to be installed by irrigation specialists MJ Abbott.

Toro DT sprinklers clinch deal for windswept Royal Cromer

Royal Cromer Golf Club's Toro DT series sprinklers in action

So which sprinkler clinched the deal for course manager Mark Heveran? Toro’s DT (Dual Trajectory) Series golf sprinkler, of course!

The 18-hole North Norfolk coastline course has been installed with DT35 sprinklers across its greens, tees, approaches, fairways and walkways as part of a new irrigation system installation utilising Toro’s new Lynx control system software with Golf Decoder Controller (GDC) field hardware. The system and sprinklers were specified by Adrian Mortram from irrigation consultants Robin Hume Associates, following a competitive tender, and were installed by irrigation specialists MJ Abbott.

DT Series sprinklers feature a clever ‘selectable trajectory’ that allows simple adjustment of the main nozzle to either 15 or 25 degrees so as to better withstand wind or avoid obstacles. More flexible, advanced and durable than competitor models, its nozzle has also been designed to ensure uniform coverage.

Available in two types – full-circle-only or full- and adjustable part-circle – customers can opt for the most cost-effective solution for their course conditions. For example, a full-circle-only sprinkler is more suited to fairways, where part-circle capability is not needed. Better yet, conversion assemblies are available so that existing systems can be upgraded to this far more efficient technology.

Commenting on the sprinklers, Mark says: “The real clincher for us was the adjustable trajectory sprinklers – they’re vital in our windy conditions. The course gets battered by the wind and, without effective irrigation, the most exposed areas just go bare because we can’t get the root development to keep the fescue grasses alive. But the way the DT35s throw against even the strongest gusts is so impressive – nothing that I’ve seen comes close to the Toro sprinklers.”

Most of Mark’s DT35s are set to 15 degrees, but some need to be set to 25 degrees because of the course’s banks and undulations – but, whatever the weather, he has complete flexibility. “I can change the trajectory with a simple twist of the nozzle,” he adds. “But the nozzles are also interchangeable, which means I can change between the different full- and part-circle options, too. They’re just so easy and simple to use.”

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