12 April 2013

MJ Abbott nearing completion at Royal Porthcawl

Irrigation specialist MJ Abbott is close to completing the installation of a new irrigation system at the Royal Porthcawl links in South Wales, writes Golf Course Architecture.

MJ Abbott nearing completion at Royal Porthcawl

Moling in the new irrigation mainline at Royal Porthcawl

The system includes an entirely new main line pipe system, new central control and decoders, valve boxes and solenoid valves, controlling existing sprinklers on the course. MJ Abbott has also installed a new Vulcan storage tank at Porthcawl to support the irrigation system, which was designed by Adrian Mortram of Robin Hume Associates.

MJ Abbott is also coming to the end of significant irrigation projects at a number of well-known UK clubs, including Rye in East Sussex, Copt Heath in Solihull and Royal Jersey, though the poor weather and difficult ground conditions in February and March have delayed many projects.

Having built the new par three sixteenth hole at Woking Golf Club last year, MJ Abbott returned to the course in March to install drainage beneath the existing fifth green, which remained very wet all winter.

Golf Course Architecture: http://www.golfcoursearchitecture.net/Article/New-irrigation-system-for-Porthcawl/2719/Default.aspx

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