28 August 2013

MJ Abbott feature on Royal Mid-Surrey reconstruction blog

Progress on MJ Abbott's latest high-profile golf project, reconstruction of the Outer Course Front Nine Greens at Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club, is being recorded by Course Manager Gavin Kinsella in his course maintenance blog.

MJ Abbott feature on Royal Mid-Surrey reconstruction blog

Royal Mid-Surrey 7th Green completed and handed over

The project, which started in June 2013, involves reconstruction of the front nine greens of the Outer Course, the chipping green, distant bunkers, wetland areas, JH Taylor Mounds, and construction of a turf nursery.

The works comprise:

  • Full reconstruction of the greens within their existing locations;
  • Reconstruction of selected tees;
  • Construction of a new turf nursery;
  • Design and installation of a new irrigation system to greens and other selected areas;
  • Remodelling of existing JH Taylor Mounds; and
  • Creation of wetlands and additional Taylor Mounds in agreed locations.

The works, which are progressing well and in accordance with programme, are being overseen by Charles Henderson of Sports Agronomy Services.

To view Gavin Kinsella's blog, click on the link below:


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