15 February 2013

MJ Abbott and BLEC agree new machinery deal

Two British sportsturf industry companies agreed a machinery deal - at the Golf Industry Show in San Diego, California.

MJ Abbott and BLEC agree new machinery deal

Adrian Abbott of MJ Abbott and Gary Mumby of BLEC Global shake hands on the deal

Gary Mumby, Managing Director of BLEC Global Ltd, and Adrian Abbott, Technical Director of MJ Abbott Ltd, shook hands on a deal involving a new fleet of landscaping preparation equipment at the US show.

“We have been dealing with the Abbotts for more than 20 years,” says Gary, “and it’s amazing that we meet in America to agree machinery sales. Abbotts are long-standing customers and we are delighted to continue our successful business relationship into 2013.”

Among the machines included in the deal are the heavy-duty Blecavator and the Cultipack Seeder stand-on model.

“We went to San Diego to meet customers from around the world,” says Gary, “but we didn’t expect to receive an order from a company virtually on our doorstep.”

BLEC Global: www.blec.co.uk

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