25 March 2015

LDCA featured in Pitchcare to mark 30th Anniversary

To mark the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the Land Drainage Contractors Association (LDCA) its Secretary, Bruce Brockway, has written a profile article which appears in this month's edition of Pitchcare.

LDCA featured in Pitchcare to mark 30th Anniversary

LDCA visit to the Mastenbroek factory

When Bruce took over the LDCA in 1987, agricultural drainage was booming, supported by government grants of 50%. But these grants were soon to be withdrawn as part of reduced government spending on agriculture. Consequently agricultural drainage virtually ceased overnight for nearly 20 years, only recovering over the last 5 years to high levels again.

LDCA drainage contractors had to diversify and drainage of sportsturf as well as other amenity areas was an obvious activity where they could put their experience and expertise in soil and water management to good use. Now with some thirty years of experience, coupled with the development of specialised sportsturf equipment and techniques for piped and secondary drainage, LDCA contractors can claim to include the leading constructors of turfgrass sports facilities in the UK and Europe.

As a Trade Association for contractors the LDCA is a Standard Setting organisation publishing industry standards for agricultural and sportsturf drainage which member contractors undertake to work to.

Bruce says the sportsturf industry should be proud of how much the standard of sportsturf facilities has improved over last 30 years and drainage contractors have played a key part in this. One has to look not only at the prestigious venues for golf or winter games seen on television but also watch or play at local clubs to compare today's surfaces to the mud bath that was an all too common sight 30 years ago. The LDCA is also active in education and training, and disseminating information to promote good practice.

Specialist golf and sports contractors MJ Abbott Limited are founder members of the LDCA, and Nigel Pritchard of MJ Abbott is the current Chairman.

To read the full Pitchcare article, follow this link.

LDCA website: www.ldca.org

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