MJ Abbott

The Downs Course bunker refurbishment

Golf At Goodwood, Chichester, West Sussex

Project summary

Improvements to iconic Sussex downland golf course

MJ Abbott Limited tendered for the bunker refurbishment project to the Downs Course at Golf At Goodwood in Summer 2013, and the work commenced in October 2014. Designed and supervised by Tom Mackenzie of Mackenzie & Ebert Ltd, the works included the refurbishment of bunkers on 11 no. holes and alterations to greens surfaces on three of those holes, with drainage and irrigation changes as required.

Existing greens and surrounds turf was selectively lifted, stored and re-used wherever possible. Imported fescue rye turf was used on greenside bunkers and surrounds, and a mixture of straight fescue and fescue rye turf was used on fairway bunkers.

Bunker edges were formed with turf cubes harvested on site and bases were lined over the chalk bases with inverted turf before replacement sand was installed. All bunker surrounds were re-soiled, prepared and turfed with existing turf where possible and imported as required.

The scope of works carried out by MJ Abbott comprised:

  • Stripping, raising and re-laying greens surfaces to improve levels
  • Importation of chalk subsoil to raise the 4th Green approach and Green surface
  • Refurbishment of 39 no. bunkers
  • Irrigation alterations or replacement where required
  • Lining and sanding of all bunkers
  • Preparation and turfing of all working areas.